Presentation of FIRST at

Presentation of FIRST at

We have worked hard for two years to create something that will beautifully simplify life of a modern person as much as possible and will preserve an invaluable resource - time. And finally, we are pleased to share with you the incredibly joyful news for us and, we hope, for you too.

On June 22, the first Ukrainian mobile service FIRST was launched at the UNIT.City in Kiev.

Our team has created a wonderful mobile application that consolidates all basic functionality of the main messengers. But in addition, with the help of FIRST you can do everything you need in one application, without being distracted from communication. Although FIRST is not perfect, but we are working assiduously to improve it and develop new features.

Maksym Imenynnyk, CEO of the company-developer First Mobile Systems and at the same time our inspirational leader, told about how FIRST was created, how it all began and how we came up with the idea of transformation our messenger into a multi-platform.

At the presentation, we talked not only about all the conceptual, functional advantages, development prospects and plans for the near future, but also shared the technical moments of the development of FIRST.

Team work organization, app architecture, server part, communication security, framework Xamarin (universal programming language, FIRST is written by) is just a small part of what the guests of the presentation have learned.

We succeeded to assert ourselves not to the whole world yet, but we found a response from the audience, answered the interesting questions and we were satisfied, because this is only the beginning of the FIRST history.


We are extremely happy that we have created a worthy and, most importantly, promising application, Ukraine can be proud of.