Meet our First steps!

Meet our First steps!

We think, that you should go only forward, to be the First! So meet our first steps towards the goal! Before you start using FIRST messenger, I’d like you to know that we have been doing our best to make your communication easier and more fun. This version is only beginning!

FIRST messenger was created for you to be always in touch! Learn the hottest news from friends, let them know about your achievements, share your location and send them a photo with bright moments of your life. All these things are easy, if you get FIRST!

In version 1.0.20 are available:

  • text messages;
  • audio messages;
  • sending pictures from the phone Gallery making and sharing a photo from the application;
  • sharing the geolocation.

In addition, depending on your mood, you can set and change a user photo and status, chat background and color of your profile. Set FIRST to your Android (from version 4.1) or iOS (since version 8.4.1) and don’t forget to invite your friends, who is not using it yet, in one click from your app.