Welcome to the new FIRST website!

Welcome to the new FIRST website!

The first national application FIRST, is rapidly evolving and growing so fast. Therefore, we decided to adapt our site to completely new, unique concept of the app!

It is with great pleasure we proudly introduce to you our new website! For your convenience, the design has been radically changed: now it has become not only customized, like FIRST app actually, but also interactive! And that is not all! Let's talk about all the innovations in more detail.

So let's begin, perhaps with one from the most important novelty, namely, customization: now it is available to choose one of four color schemes of the site, so you will be probably excited to use FIRST.

We have improved the web version of FIRST, in order to bring you even more comfort and mobility using the application both on the phone and on your computer.

We take care of our users. In addition to the updated modern design, the new site was designed, first of all, for the purpose to receive the maximum feedback from all users and from you in particular, and thus, FIRST will get better and better every day.

We strive to create step by step an extremely convenient and useful product, based on the needs, desires and ideas of each of us. That's why we have implemented such interactive functions as voting, commenting on services and even the opportunity to offer your idea.

Now everyone can become a part of the history of FIRST: if you have any ideas or wishes regarding the functionality of the application, we will happily review them and implement the most original ones.

Immerse yourself in the world of limitless possibilities with FIRST!