Security in Your Hands

Security in Your Hands

FIRST is rapidly evolving and gaining momentum in expanding its functionality day by day. But it also raises the bar when it comes to privacy.

What if one your FIRST device sometimes ends up in the hands of your colleagues, friends or family members?

In order to give you more control in such cases, we are introducing passcodes. Starting today, you can lock your iOS or Android device with a passcode – a 4-digit PIN or your finger print.

Setting a strong password will help to protect your identity and privacy online.

To set a password for your FIRST, go to FIRST’s Menu > Settings > Privacy > Security > Password. Here you need to click on Switch button to activate the feature, and then come up with and set a password.

Without entering this passcode, no one will be able to access your FIRST messages. When FIRST is locked, notifications about new messages won’t include texts or sender names, so private data stays hidden from prying eyes.

Enjoy privacy with FIRST!