Locator: what is it and how to use it?

FIRST takes care of you and your loved ones. Now you will always be aware of where your child is and will know for sure that everything is fine with him!

Useful GPS tracking feature allows you to track the location and movement of your relatives and children on a map in real time.

Security in Your Hands

FIRST is rapidly evolving and gaining momentum in expanding its functionality day by day. But it also raises the bar when it comes to privacy.

What if one your FIRST device sometimes ends up in the hands of your colleagues, friends or family members?



FIRST on Digital Ukraine Forum: Digital Development Strategy

On July 11, 2017, Kiev, the Digital Ukraine Forum was held, which was the platform for joint work on digital transformations in the country between government, business and public associations.

Digital technologies are the basis of Ukraine’s welfare. This is the world where new opportunities are created, the sphere that determines the essence of transformations in the country – for better life, work, creativity, education, recreation of adults and children in Ukraine and around the world.

The FIRST promotion ‘Cool smartphone for a cool idea!’ had been completed in 1st of July

Together with you and all our team we’ve been looking forward to announcing of the winner's name.

For this month we have received a huge number of wonderful, creative and original ideas of improvement of FIRST.


FIRST at the Smart & Marketing Festival

On June 23-25, we, the FIRST team, had been actively participating in the Smart & Marketing Festival.

This is the popular open air of Kiev, dedicated to modern technologies, marketing, development and use of information technology achievements, presentations of integrated solutions and new format of content from producers.

Presentation of FIRST at

We have worked hard for two years to create something that will beautifully simplify life of a modern person as much as possible and will preserve an invaluable resource - time. And finally, we are pleased to share with you the incredibly joyful news for us and, we hope, for you too.

On June 22,  the first Ukrainian mobile service FIRST was launched at the UNIT.City in Kiev.

FIRST announces the great promotion "COOL SMARTPHONE FOR A COOL IDEA"!

Hooray! We are pleased to announce the recent release of the first national mobile application FIRST for Android and iOS devices and PC.

Welcome to the new FIRST website!

The first national application FIRST, is rapidly evolving and growing so fast. Therefore, we decided to adapt our site to completely new, unique concept of the app!

It is with great pleasure we proudly introduce to you our new website! For your convenience, the design has been radically changed: now it has become not only customized, like FIRST app actually, but also interactive! And that is not all! Let's talk about all the innovations in more detail.

FIRST messenger web client

We are pleased to inform you that today all users of FIRST can use it in the web browser in three languages - English, Ukrainian and Russian. Our new web client displays all the chats and messages from your phone - which means that all previous sent and received messages still be available to you at any time.

Meet our First steps!

We think, that you should go only forward, to be the First! So meet our first steps towards the goal! Before you start using FIRST messenger, I’d like you to know that we have been doing our best to make your communication easier and more fun. This version is only beginning!

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