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What is FIRST?

FIRST is a mobile application, global service that allows you to communicate, provides the best technology for people to meet, offers tools for reserving tables and pre-ordering food, helps you instantly find a taxi,  create a great ads, learn the latest world news, local events and activities, and it gives you ability to use other quite useful services, that will result in significant savings of your time.

What kind of files can I send via FIRST?

FIRST allows to exchange text and voice messages as well as multimedia files (images, audio, video), geolocation data, contacts, documents of various formats with the size till 15 Mb.

More detailed information about sending different types of messages, you can find here.


How to send a voice message?

Voice messages allow you to exchange information with your interlocutors much faster.

In order to send a voice message, just click on the microphone to start recording, and hold it until you finish talking. The message will automatically be sent immediately after the end of the recording. The duration of such a message can not exceed 30 seconds.

Click the play button to listen to a received message.

Enjoy the limitless possibilities of communication with FIRST.

How to send a message on FIRST?

With FIRST you can send free text, voice and multimedia messages to your friends and family. To do this, you need to connect your device to the Internet (4G / 3G / 2G / EDGE * or WiFi).

In order to send a message, you need:

1. Go to the "Chats" section;

2. Open a private or group chat;

3. Enter the message text in the field "Your message";

4. Click the icon needed to attach the file if desired;

5. Click the icon 'Send' to send the message.

Enjoy comfortable and free communication in FIRST.

FIRST Support.

How is my location determined?

Each FIRST user has a choice while granting permissions to use his location. We assure you that geolocation services are used solely to obtain information about the location of stores or institutions on Google Maps.

How do I find FIRST. Places?

In the mobile application FIRST, the tab Services/ FIRST. Places.

What is FIRST. Places?

A service that displays information and location of interesting places within the radius of your location.

Is it possible to suggest an idea for the application?

Every user has the opportunity to offer his idea of improving the existing functionality or adding a new one, using a special form on the site. In the form you need to specify your e-mail, enter the password, add a text description and attach files, if desired, and then click on the "Send" button.

When will my comment be published?

The comment will be published after verification by the moderators, after that you will receive a notification to the email address.

How can I sign up for the site?

Sign up for the website is possible only after user's authorization in the FIRST application.

In order to sign up for the site, the user must enter cell number associated with your FIRST. After that you will receive a push notification with an activation code in FIRST.

Then, after clicking on the "Login" button, the account will be automatically created.

Here the user will be asked to fill in his profile, for example, specify the full name, select the avatar, etc.

How to understand if my friends use FIRST or not?

The application automatically determines those who have already installed FIRST and displays them in a separate contacts tab. If your friend still doesn't use the application, you can send an invitation from the app.

Is it safe to transfer information through the FIRST application?

In order to ensure maximum privacy and security, we have implemented a modern encryption system for FIRST messenger. With this system we can guarantee a high level of protection for your data. If you want to pass some special secret message to your friend, colleague or relative - use the "encrypted message". Protect the message with a password, so that only the recipient will be able to read it, after the entering your secret password.

What is the FIRST. Messenger?

One of the tools of FIRST. It has extensive functionality for the exchange of text, voice and encrypted messages, photos and documents. FIRST. Messenger works over WiFi or 2G / 3G / 4G connections.*

* The cost of mobile Internet is regulated by the mobile operator. For more information, contact your support service.

How to start using FIRST?

After downloading the application, you need to enter your phone number. Then you will receive a message with the password to confirm the registration. Enter that code to start using FIRST app. This simple procedure allows us to make sure that you are the owner of the entered phone number. After registration all FIRST users from your phonebook will be automatically added to your contact list.

What is FIRST services?

FIRST services - it is the system of useful tools, though you will have an ability to use all features of the most demanded mobile applications. FIRST integrates following services: FIRST. Messenger, FIRST. Places, FIRST. Dating, FIRST. Ads, FIRST. Food, FIRST. Finance, FIRST. Organizer.

How to send and save documents?

FIRST has provided the ability to send documents as well as you send media files, contacts, or locations.

In order to send a file, enter the selected chat, click on the staple icon, then select a needed file, and click on the "Send" button.

Attention: The maximum file size is 15 MB.