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In the near future, FIRST Messenger will have its own FCOIN cryptocurrency, released on the basis of BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology, and each user will be able to earn coins using FIRST Messenger!

We will charge the coins for invited friends, time spent in FIRST Messenger, sent messages, photos or files, ideas for messenger’s improvement; viewing ads in our application, use of FIRST Messenger services, sale of your goods and services to other users and many-many others.

You will be able to spend FCOIN on purchases of goods, services and content inside FIRST Messenger, and also to exchange for real money through our special exchange service!

Install FIRST Messenger and follow our updates !!! Very soon your life will change for the better!!!


The feature is already available

Safe and reliable helper for you, your friends and family. Keep in touch with those who are important to you.

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The feature is already available

There’s a world of places around you waiting to be explored, and some of them are at arm's length. Let's explore the world together!

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Color scheme

The feature is already available

Express your bright individuality and emotions has become much easier! Choose any color scheme of the application according to your taste and mood, which will be the main one for your FIRST.

Color schemeColor scheme

Encrypted message

The feature is already available

Feel free to share your secrets: set up your own password for the selected messages independently, so that no one,except the recipient never read them.

Encrypted messageEncrypted message


The feature is already available

Useful GPS tracking feature allows you to track the location and movement of your relatives and children in real time. Now you will be always aware of where your child is and will know for sure that everything is fine with him.


Password authentification

The feature is already available

Create a strong password to enter the application to protect the privacy of your FIRST and secure your account and personal information. Prevent intrusion into your personal space.

Password authentificationPassword authentification
Services that will be available soon
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